Looking for assisted living facilities in Michigan for your loved one is often a difficult task. After all, you’re after a facility that provides personal care support services, including medication management, meals, bathing, dressing, and transportation. Not all facilities offer the same care, and you’ll need to find one that can cater to your loved one’s specific needs.

Senior Care Network can help you with that. With over 20 years of experience in serving seniors in Michigan, we have been able to develop strong relationships with hundreds of nursing homes, senior living and assisted living facilities, and senior apartments for individuals in Michigan. We also have strong ties with retirement communities; giving you a wide range of options and helping you create a solid senior living plan.

Recommending Ideal Facilities

It could take you days or weeks to select options for senior communities and facilities, but we have you covered. Our relationship begins with a complimentary phone consultation. We answer any questions you may have and assess your needs. Our experienced social workers will then begin to look for possible options in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Based on our analysis of your needs, we will present you with recommendations that we can discuss with you.

Evaluating Your Choices

We don’t just recommend senior care facilities. We know that choosing the right option is of the utmost importance for your loved one. We provide you with the opportunity to tour facilities and meet potential caregivers. Through this experience you can develop a more thorough understanding of all your options while gaining familiarity with the type of care offered.

A deeper understanding and a sense of familiarity with all of your choices will allow you to make an informed decision that will greatly benefit you and your aging loved one.

A Continuous Advocacy

Our services don’t end once you found the right facility. We know that every situation will evolve and change over time. We conduct follow-up visits to ensure that your loved one is getting the services promised. We can also help you evaluate alternatives and implement solutions, especially if the situation has changed.

Find senior home care or an assisted living facility in Michigan through our professional social workers here at Senior Care Network today! Start by calling 248-735-5900 for your COMPLIMENTARY consultation.