Guardianship Petitioning

This is Leroy.

  • Leroy came to the hospital with confusion.
  • The doctors at the hospital feel he needs someone to oversee his care and help make the best decisions for his health and safety.
  • The hospital staff has been unable to locate any family or friends.

His family was looking for help, and called Senior Care Network.

Our experts worked to find the right care and fit for Leroy.

Leroy & his family benefitted from the following Senior Care Network services:

Senior Man

Does Leroy’s Story Sound Familiar?

Our experienced social workers are happy to help you navigate your loved ones care needs.

Grandparents and grandchild

Gratitude from Our Clients

“Wouldn’t it be nice if the world had more people like the Senior Care Network staff. They are truly comforting and understanding. They take away the fear and tension. Everything went smoothly with your guidance and expertise.”

William A.B.