Carl’s experience, advice and compassion

Carl’s experience, advice and compassion have been invaluable to my family over many years. Most recently, I was able to speak with him about my brother who had been hospitalized. Carl patiently listened to my concerns and offered possible options regarding eventual discharge plans. His reassurance allowed me to know we could arrange for appropriate care for my brother and that allowed me to focus on supporting him during his complicated hospital stay.

I whole-heartedly recommend Carl and Senior Care Network to any family facing tough decisions about caring for a loved one. They are the best resources anyone could ask for.

Diane B Budaj
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I partnered with SCN earlier

I partnered with SCN earlier this year and it has been nothing but a very positive experience that began with an initial at-home consultation. I have since worked closely with a SCN associate and appreciate the professionalism and expert guidance they have provided as I search for an assisted living facility for my spouse that will provide the care he needs in a welcoming environment. The SCN associate is a very caring person and understands my challenges as a caregiver. They have scheduled visits to several recommended facilities, accompanied me on my visits and ensured that all of my questions were addressed along with any questions I might have overlooked. I look forward to continuing my relationship with SCN as I get closer to making the final decision for my spouse knowing they will provide the expertise I need to transition my spouse to assisted living.

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Carl was incredibly helpful,

Carl was incredibly helpful, in getting my mom placed in a full time nursing care location. It is a difficult process for someone who hasn’t been down this road before. He was calm, thoughtful and knowledgeable in navigating this process. So grateful.

Annette Dolot
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Senior Care Network and Carl

Senior Care Network and Carl Simcox have been a life saver and God send for my Loved One and my family. When it was time to think about moving my Loved One in a Memory Care facility, I had no idea where to begin. A family member put me in contact with Carl Simcox and his company Senior Care Network. Mom and I were devasted with the early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnois my sister received. We did our best in taking care of her for a year and a half. We did the best we could until we couldn’t do it anymore. This is when The Senior Care Network came into our life. Carl visited my sister and I and gave us great recommendations on memory care facilities, he help me navigate through this process when I had not idea where to start.

He not only helped me with the placement aspects but he also helped me mentally. Carl was always a phone call away to talk me through whatever feels I had at the moment about this horrible disease. Senior Care Network saved me a lot of wasted time in trying to navigate through this myself. Thank you so much!!

Laura Hinojosa
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Barbara H.

“We are so thrilled with my mom’s new home. Your staff is like and angel from heaven. The entire process was great! We truly appreciate all that was done for us.”

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William A.B.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if the world had more people like the Senior Care Network staff. They are truly comforting and understanding. They take away the fear and tension. Everything went smoothly with your guidance and expertise.”

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Steve S.

“Your team was excellent with communication, always keeping in touch with calls and texts at least a few times a day – the most professional social worker we’ve ever worked with- she went out of her way many times to seek and provide information and assistance. Your help was invaluable and helped ease our minds many times.”

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Theresa P.

“Senior Care Network totally understood the situation and returned phone calls very quickly when I needed to talk to them.”

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M. Vines

“Senior Care Network – perfect name. We felt you cared for my mom…like she was yours. I don’t know what we would have done without your knowledge, skill, experience and thoughtfulness. You are the best!! We appreciate your energy and superior results.”

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Gloria A.S.

At the most stressful time, they were a God-send provision of information and helpful assistance. We were pleased that you helped to find a facility for us when it was most needed – time was fleeting and we needed to make a decision ASAP.

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Jackie B.

“Senior Care Network could not have been more helpful, empathetic, yet realistic about our situation and financial constraints. They worked within our limited budget to find a great place for our loved one. We received excellent advice the whole way through. The support staff was professional and very easy to work with. Their knowledge and expertise were invaluable to our family navigating the senior care process. They also have the unique ability to remain calm in the face of pressure and family difficulties. We could not have done this without their help. Our family is very happy with the facility Senior Care Network helped us arrange for our mom.”

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J. Marsh

“My husband Tom was having serious difficulties: A-Fib, Parkinson’s, early frontal lobe dementia. The journey so far had taken him to rehab and a nursing facility. Now there was talk of bringing him home. I was in a panic.

Enter Senior Care Network and Melissa Romanczuk, their social worker. There she came, to save the day. Her quiet, caring demeanor and amazing expertise put her one step ahead of whatever came next. Homestead Home Health Care staff made it possible for him to be home for most of what turned out to be his last days.

Melissa arranged a meeting for staffing, also coordinating equipment, resources, supplies and transportation, and, most importantly, she provided me with her presence of calm and reason.

She was there with me when I brought Tom home and also on the phone or texting whenever I needed advice. Even when we could no longer care for him at home, Melissa was so supportive as he entered hospice and left this earth a few days later.

How can I ever thank her enough for the reassurance and peace she brought us at such a stressful time in our lives? Melissa will be in my heart always as my guardian angel.”

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I first met Carl Simcox,

“I first met Carl Simcox, SW in 2010 at a stressful time when my husband was being transferred from MI to TX and I was concerned for my aging parents who would now be left without my local help. Before I moved, Carl helped get my father to a doctor for an official Alzheimer’s diagnosis and treatment plan. I had made 8 attempts to do this but Carl was successful on his first try! Carl also helped me from a distance in 2013 to place my dad in a quality memory care facility where he ultimately passed away a few months later. I often share with people that Carl was an answer to many prayers in a very sad, desperate situation.

Now, in 2020, I reached out to Carl again from TX with concerns for my mom who had taken a sudden decline in her health during this COVID crisis where I couldn’t travel to MI to help her. Carl and his staff went out of their way to help me find a rehab facility, work with their staff to provide care for my mom both as a rehab and then as a hospice patient, and to again care for my parent during a very stressful time. The kindness, compassion and direction that he and Senior Care Network provided me is something I’ll forever be thankful for.

Providing care to our ill parents is an honor but even more difficult from such a long distance away. Carl was instrumental in helping me through two heartbreaking times. I will forever be thankful to Senior Care Network for the services they provide to daughters (and sons) just like me who want to do the very best for our parents when they need it.”

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When my father’s dementia became

“When my father’s dementia became impossible for my (very diligent and loving) mother to manage on her own, I told her the most-important thing we could do is to find someone with an encyclopedic knowledge of what we could do, and what we should do, to preserve both my father’s remaining quality-of-life and the family’s resources. It would have been too much to hope for that this same person would also possess extraordinary compassion, engagement, involvement, connections in the professional community, and a true empathy for the people he serves – but that’s just what Carl brought to our situation. He has kindly, patiently, and knowledgeably guided our family through this very difficult time in our life, and his availability to address, and understanding what, we are dealing with, is extraordinary. We are a family with faith at its core, and it is not an exaggeration to say that Carl and the people and services he has connected us to have been an answer to our prayers. He is frank, caring, intelligent, gentle, and patient. If you are struggling with care decisions for an elderly loved one, please reach-out to Carl and allow him to help you as he has helped our family.
Words cannot express our family’s

Words cannot express our family’s gratitude to Carl for his guidance, support and knowledge. He was able to guide us through the intricacies of placing a loved one in specialized care. He was always available and demonstrated compassion. We could not have done this without him.”

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Words cannot express our family’s

Words cannot express our family’s gratitude to Carl for his guidance, support and knowledge. He was able to guide us through the intricacies of placing a loved one in specialized care. He was always available and demonstrated compassion. We could not have done this without him.

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My experience with Carl Simcox

My experience with Carl Simcox was ordained. I am sure. My husband had so many factors associated with his dementia that housing option in a quality facility, that was Medicaid/Medicare approved, was not available. Acceptable options were just not there. The Covid-19 pandemic compounded what seemed unsolvable for us. Carl hurdled all barriers in our path. Colleagues and clients alike recognize Carl as man who’s career is his calling. We are so very, very grateful to Carl.

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Carl Simcox helped our family

Carl Simcox helped our family several years ago when we need assistance with finding care for our aunt Because of the wonderful guidance and advice from Carl, we recently turned to him for help in finding a place for our aging parents. Once again, he advised us on our home care options and his recommendations were instrumental in finding a place that best suited their needs. His people have called us a few times to make sure things were going well and assured us that we could call them anytime if our parents’ care needs changed. Thank you so much for your assistance!

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